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08.11.2011 - Meeting the Germans

Tuesday. After days of waiting, days of wondering, it was here. Finally we get to meet the German families we would be staying with. The thought of that was both exciting and terrifying. A million thoughts were flowing through our heads. "What if we don't like our person? What if they don't like us? What if we can't understand each other at all?" The possibilities of our worries had no boundaries. Or maybe that was just me. On the long train ride to Leipzig, we weren't exactly getting into deep conversations about how we felt. In fact, we avoided the topic all together. The reason being that everyone had their own unique idea of what it would be like. We were afraid to voice these idea's out loud, in case they were laughed at. Or worse, what if someones idea contradicted yours? How would you know who was right? You wouldn't. So the train ride was spent on more trivial matters, such as the Turkish market we visited earlier. "How many Euros did you spend?" was a popular question. The German countryside passed through our windows without much notice. Farms look the same wherever you are. And who would take the time to notice a couple of cows when the person next to you had a funny video of people sleeping on their phone?

Soon, the light faded. The clock was ticking down, and conversation picked up alarmingly fast. This might be our last time to talk to all our friends at once! And then Mr. French was telling us to grab our bags, because next is our stop. The mood getting off the train was somber, and the walk off the platform was even worse. The one thing on everyones
mind was the families we would be staying with. We would know who they are in a few minutes.

Then we turned a corner. Mr. French
started waving, and we could see people waving back. They didn't look any different from us. Maybe a little bit older, maybe dressed a little bit warmer. And then our two groups met. Students were walking around, shaking hands with everyone. "Hello! How are you? What's your name?" could be heard in English everywhere. Nothing was said in German. Not that we didn't know German. We knew some. "Woe ist die toilette?" Was everyones favorite. But because they had made the first move in English, we shied away from speaking in German.

Ankunft in Leipzig

After the introductions were done, we were assigned to our families. Mostly one person was assigned to one German, but sometimes two people were assigned the same German. It all happened very quickly, and before we knew it the group and separated, and we we're walking home with our German students. For me, the conversations were all in English. I feel too intimidated by the language to try my hand at German at first. But when it was necessary, I could  understand some of it. Actually, the whole thing seemed very surreal. I couldn't believe I was actually here, in Germany, going home with my student. I couldn't remember why I had so many worries. I should have just relaxed, and except that there would be both good and bad parts.One thing I knew for sure, this was going to be one fun trip!

By: Sadie (American Student)

Ankunft in Leipzig

Nun war es endlich soweit! Unsere amerikanischen Freunde aus der City Neighbors Charter School in Baltimore kamen um 17:11 Uhr auf dem Leipziger Hauptbahnhof an. Wir waren sehr gespannt und freuten uns riesig, als wir sie endlich sehen konnten.

Nach einer kurzen aber sehr herzlichen Begrüßung stellten wir uns unseren Gästen vor und dann ging es auch schon los. Jeder Schüler erhielt seinen Gast oder seine Gäste und alle zog es erst einmal zum persönlichen Kennenlernen nach Hause.

Ankunft in LeipzigAnkunft in LeipzigAnkunft in Leipzig

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